“Wow”,  if I had a Jedi mind trick for every time I received an email or heard an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) expert speak the forbidden language “ We will get you a first page ranking on Google, guaranteed” I would be Yoda’s Zen master!!  Seriously what does this mean?  First page ranking on Google!  Well don’t be fooled like thousands are, I have even seen client video testimonials on website developers websites saying how fantastic they feel and that they appear on the first page of google when searched for.  Sounds so convincing doesn’t it?


These so call experts prey on the fact you don’t know about Keyword Analytics. Keywords are words or phrases that can be used to search for your business or service in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Firefox and the like.  Now, this is important and I’m going to explain why and let you in on the  SEO JEDI mind trick.  Let’s assume you sell delicious Cupcakes from your Cupcake store in Springfield and the SEO Jedi tells you they will get you a Google first page ranking if anyone searches for “Cupcakes Springfield” wow, sounds great doesn’t it? It does sound great as you are in Springfield and you sell Cupcakes and anyone coming to or living near Springfield can find you, “awesome you will sell more Cupcakes, you’ll be rich!, Well, maybe not!.


If you can access a Keyword Research tools such as WordTracker , RankRangerSEMrush or the many others that offer this service and you search for how many times “Cupcakes Springfield” is searched for, you might be surprised and disappointed to find that only one person per month searches for the term “Cupcakes Springfield”, (you better cancel that holiday).  On the other hand if you look at other Keyword terms such as just plain old “Cupcakes” you may find 10,000 people search for this term every month (pack your bags) .  Now, the simple word “Cupcakes” in this example is a highly searched for and a competitive keyword and all of a sudden your SEO Jedi may go missing or their service is going to cost you a whole lot more!  A first page organic (not a paid for advertisement) ranking on a competitive keyword such as this maybe well out of their capabilities.  So do your homework.



Download a keyword researcher and find the words or phrases that are most searched for when looking for your product or service, in this instance you may try “Buy Cupcakes” and other variations to find out which Keyword sets get the most searches. Don’t let the SEO Jedi/expert fool you by guaranteeing first page results from Keywords that are rarely searched for. There are so many examples of people being fooled by this, such as the video testimonials I mentioned in the first paragraph. Like many others they are none the wiser or richer I would think.  If you fallen for the ancient SEO Jedi mind trick, speak to your SEO Jedi and get them to show their worth by boosting your page rankings on more relevant Keyword sets, then force is with you!



I know what some of you may be thinking, you may be saying, yes, BUT the 10,000 people who search for the term Cupcakes maybe looking for recipes and recipes are not relevant to the store in Springfield who just sell Cupcakes. Well, I say to you, make it relevant! What a great way for the Cupcake store in Springfield to gain added exposure through loading  recipes on their website and building the SEO around the recipes as well, allowing maximum exposure to thousands of more people who will learn about the  brand and the Cupcake store, who knows where this will lead?, Franchises, online orders, the world is your Cupcake.  You see, there is every reason why …..



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